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Cockroach Control Services in Bandra

Cockroaches are experts when it comes to survival. They actually thrive in unsavoury conditions, which is why most cockroach control products are much less effective than advertised. Professional treatment is most effective for cockroach control solution that is available to both homes and business.

How Serious is your cockroach infestation?

These nocturnal insects, which mean that they are active throughout the night, tend to loiter around food storages. They prefer building a home in dark and moist places. If you see any Cockroach during the day then the problem is serious.

Signs of Infestation
  • Cockroaches seen during the day
  • Presence of cockroach faeces
  • Strong oily or musty odour
  • Bodies of dead cockroaches
  • Sight of oval-shaped egg cases
  • Cast skins

Pest Control Bandra Approach

  • Eliminate hiding places and pathways into your home
  • Identify actionable things you can do to remove potential infestations
  • Inspect your property on a daily basis to ensure roaches don’t return

Although, usage of counter pesticides sprays can bring a small relief to owners as they eliminate roaches that they see, however, this will not guarantee a full remedy. For instance, population of a breed of cockroaches called the German cockroach has developed a multi-chemical resistance which makes pesticides less effective.

Different breeds of cockroaches can be very different on where they like to live, what they eat, and how they populate, which makes identifying the cockroach type easier in order to control them. Thus, it is necessary to leave cockroach control in the hands of the experts.

Pest Control Bandra acknowledges the unique needs of your home or business and will provide you with the proper remedy that will be customised as per your needs and requirements.

It is not worth sacrificing the quality of your home or business because of your cockroach problem. Make Pest Control Bandra your go-to pest control service for protecting your family, home or business from cockroaches and all other such pests.

Our Process

Spray Treatment

  • Odourless spray on windows, balconies, bathrooms etc.
  • Gel Treatment

    • Herbal or Bayer gel will be applied in cabinets, under tables, drawers and similar spaces according to clent requirment.


    • Odourless, hassle-free and safe solution for all, including pets and people with allergy
    • Doesn't require emptying kitchen
    • Long-lasting, highly efficient treatment
    • Can be carried out any time of the day

    Note: Single service includes only one time Gel and Spray treatment No Warranty Yearly service comes with yearlong protection assurance

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Why choose Bandra Pest Control?

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  • We use all the latest technology and upgraded equipment for offering the best possible services.
  • We take pride in offering quality services with 100% satisfaction.
  • We only use government approved chemicals in our pest control solutions.
  • We have a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals.
  • We are well known for offering high quality and cost-effective solutions.
  • We are here to offer instant support services.
  • We offer 100% safe effective herbal pest control service.
  • We are using herbal gel and odorless chemical for kitchen area.
  • No need to leave the home during or after treatment.
  • Well, the bottom line is that your home is your castle and you are the one who can protect it from intruders and invaders.

100% Hassle-free services

No trouble to our valuable clients, we assure to do the pest control treatment without any disturbances.

Customer Satisfaction

We at Modern Pest Control use best quality chemicals and our team consists of expertise of the pest treatment.


Normally client's complaint of having a sleepless nights and uncomfortable environment after pest control services.

Cost Effective

We here assure to give the best pest control price to our clients. We are among the best price pest control service provider.

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